Progress Update #1: Demolition

We’ve started. Lots of activity. Here are some pictures from the demolition.

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The Light Challenge

Remember the  wish-list items in the earlier post? We’ve been working to get them all in the plans, with one item that wasn’t listed… lots of light. Continue reading “The Light Challenge”

A Little Bit of History–Part Two

Rayner Raynor Is Dead

I guess it was inevitable I would find out. I just didn’t expect his story to end so soon. Continue reading “A Little Bit of History–Part Two”

A Little Bit of History

In Philly, every home has some sort of story.

I started doing research on the garage property immediately after we saw it. I knew the current owner was a woodworker and a cabinet-maker. Continue reading “A Little Bit of History”

The Starting Point – “Before” Pictures

After renovating a typical Philadelphia row home, we wanted something a little different. After months of looking at places, we stumbled upon Mountain Street.

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