Progress Update #9: More Pics

Some progress shots over the last 8 months. Almost there!

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Progress Update #7: Drywall

With all rough-in items complete – plumbing, electric, alarm, LAN, Coax, Windows and Doors – it’s time for this Philly Garage Reno to start taking shape. Drywall is up!                       … Continue reading Progress Update #7: Drywall

Progress Update #5: The Master Suite

More pictures from the new third floor, which houses the Master Suite and Decks. Continue reading “Progress Update #5: The Master Suite”

Progress Update #3: Going Up

Demolition, complete. Framing out the first and second floor, complete. What’s next? Going up.

This Philly garage renovation includes a new third floor addition for the Master Bedroom Suite and outdoor space. Continue reading “Progress Update #3: Going Up”

Progress Update #1: Demolition

We’ve started. Lots of activity. Here are some pictures from the demolition.

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